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Color: Black

✔ Wireless ✔ Colour changing bulbs ✔ Dimmer switch to adjust brightness ✔ Wireless phone charger included ✔ Up to 45 hours battery life from a single charge

8 Colour LED Bulb

Touch Sensor To Change Bulb Colour

Adjustable Brightness

Wireless Charger Included

Charge Wireless Enabled Devices


  • Wireless
  • Color changing bulb (8 colors)
  • Dimmer switch to adjust brightness
  • Qi wireless charging pad included
  • Up to 45 hours battery life from a single charge
  • Charge lamp with wireless charger or with included USB cable
  • Kids-safe soft touch bulb & silicone non-slip base

Turning your desk lamp on & off

To turn the lamp on turn the power button clockwise until it clicks.

To turn the lamp off turn the power button anti-clockwise until it clicks.

Changing the colour

To change the colour of the lamp press the touch colour zone until you reach your desired colour.

Adjusting the brightness

To make your lamp brighter continue turning the power button clockwise once the lamp is on.

To reduce the brightness turn the power button back anti-clockwise.

Charging your lamp

The USB cable included with your lamp can be used to charge the main lamp and to power the wireless charging base. To charge the lamp attach the USB cable to the lamp and charge until the port light displays green. When the battery is running low the red light will show.

You can also charge the lamp by placing it on the wireless charger.

Using your wireless charger

Your wireless charger must be plugged in using the USB cable before use. You can use the wireless charger to charge your desk lamp or other devices enabled for wireless charging such as your phone or earphones. The base supports 15w/10w/7.5w/5w devices.

Battery life

Your lamp will be fully charged in under 2 hours of connection to the wireless charger or mains. Up to 45 hours battery life when fully charged and used on lowest settings.


Keep lamp and charger away from water. This product is not a toy; keep away from children and babies. This product includes rechargeable batteries; do NOT attempt to change the batteries.

Technical specification


USB-C Input


Wireless Charging input




LED Function



7.2 x 17.05cm

Technical specification

Wireless Charger

USB-C Output


Wireless Charging input



7.33 x 1.1cm