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Game Type: Bowling
✔ Sleek & easy to clean ✔ Crafted from recycled acrylic ✔ Stylish packaging made form 100% recycled materials ✔ 8 exciting games

8 Games To Choose From

Sleek And Easy To Clean

Crafted From Post-Consumer Recycled Acrylic

Stylish Packaging Made From 100% Recycled Materials

Recyclable For A Greener World


  • Sleek and easy to clean
  • 8 different games - cornhole, curling, shuffleboard, bowling, card games, dominoes, tic- tac-toe and chess/draughts.
  • Fun & bright re-cycled packaging
  • Crafted from post-consumer recycled acrylic


Unleash the fun and cull the boredom with our acrylic desktop games.

Choose from 8 exciting games, from cornhole to curling, there’s a game for every mood. Our games are made with post-consumer recycled acrylic, with the gift boxes made from 100% recycled, fully recyclable card.