Travel Mug Care and Use Instructions


  • Wash and rinse your travel mug thoroughly before first use.
  • To make the travel mug leak proof turn the lid clockwise and push the button to the CLOSED position.
  • Press the push button to OPEN position before drinking. The central button should be pushed lower when open.
  • You can make your lid sparkly clean by putting it in the dishwasher but it’s better to wash the mug part by hand.
  • Clean and dry your travel mug after each use.


  • Don’t put boiling hot drinks in your travel mug. Make sure drinks have cooled to 85 degrees first.
  • Never fill your mug to the top. Remember to leave a gap of 2cm.
  • Make sure you don’t burn yourself and check hot drinks have cooled sufficiently before drinking. You can cool drinks quicker by removing the lid for a short time.
  • Ensure the central push button is in the OPEN position to release internal pressure before unscrewing your travel mug.
  • Do not use strong chemicals or abrasive cleaning products to clean your travel mug.
  • Do not shake your travel mug.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not suitable for soups or solid food.
  • Not suitable for microwave.
  • Stainless steel mug not suitable for dishwasher use.
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