The Growing Trend of Customisation

Customisation has been the trend of the moment for the past few years.

But do we really know what the aim of customisation is and moreover, why has this trend grown so fast over the years with no sign of slowing down?

Being original is a trend that isn’t going away, and the possibilities of customisation on the high street and online give everyone an opportunity to get exactly what they want, satisfying our need to differentiate ourselves and be original.  With the rise of technology and increased accessibility to competitively priced products creating a unique look is within everyone’s reach.

We all have a lot of options to be different and own original products, here is a selection of Lund London products which allows you to customise and create your own style.

Satisfying the desire to have a unique product Lund London have launched different collections of Watch sets as well as individual watches all with the option of being customised. Just start by choosing your watch by selecting the dial size, dial color, strap material and colour then select from our wide range of individual straps to create your own personalised design for every occasion.  Choose from braided, leather or stainless steel in a multitude of colours with a selection of silver, gold or rose gold clasps.

Why not start with the neutral nude braided with silver clasp and select from our more daring coloured straps for a colourful touch on any outfit.

With this hot weather coming we all love a good fresh drink and what’s better to have your own personalised glass to have your favourite drink.

Customising your glass is pretty cool since it’s an object that you use everyday, you can personalised it for yourself with a sentence or a cool word you like you can even get it for someone with a cute message, a name like in the picture or a picture. Everybody loves a gift that have been created according to their tastes.

Remember to say no to single use straws and have your Straw for Life ready to go for your sipping pleasure.

For those who want to be different and original, then you can’t go wrong with the Lund London Skittle Bottle.

With a colourful and eye catching design they are made from high grade stainless steel, respectful of the environment in production and in use.

You can even customise your bottle with different lids so you can be sure to be the only one to have your perfect colour customisation.

Skittle Bottle Group

Cloth customisation have been known for years but did you know make up could be customised as well? Nowadays you can do your own palette by choosing the colours that you particularly like instead of buying a palette with plenty of colour that you would never use.

I recommend it for everyone, the amateur or makeup artist it is way better to be able to choose colours adapted on your tastes. And moreover it touches every aspect of makeup, eyeshadows, lipsticks and even highlighters.

Customisation can also be for others, it’s a great way to offer something unique to your partner, family and friends. Everybody knows how pleasing it is to own an unique product

That’s been customised to perfectly fit what you like.

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