Straws Don’t Have to Suck

This week, the UK government announced that to limit ocean pollution, new measures will be introduced to limit single-use plastics. Restrictions will be in place to limit the sale of plastic straws from April 2020. A total ban isn’t in place yet because some medical conditions require people to drink through a straw, however supermarkets and retailers will be banned from selling plastic straws, restaurants and pubs won’t be able to automatically give them out, and they will only be for sale by registered pharmacies.

The problem of plastic pollution is world-wide, and many other countries around the world are also imposing similar bans. Whole Foods in USA and Canada have just announced that they will be eliminating disposable plastic straws from July 2019, whilst India has vowed to eliminate all single-use plastics by 2022.

This announcement has come at a great time for Lund London, as we are proud to be launching our reusable ‘Straw for Life’ this week.

Straw For Life

Our Stainless-Steel straw comes in 10 colours to match the bold and pastel pantones of our Skittle Bottles and is extendable (perfect for both long and short drinks), to fit in its compact and stylish Stainless-Steel carry case. We’re also really proud of our unique packaging, rather than using plastic cable ties to attach our straw to its back-board, we’ve designed a card fitment system to ensure your straw packaging is all recyclable.

The news has sparked much debate across the UK, with some people arguing that we just shouldn’t use straws at all. However, some people need to use straws and some people like to use straws, so we’re providing a sustainable product for those who choose to use it. With 8.5 billion straws polluting the world’s oceans, straw usage is at an all-time high. Medical conditions where people are unable to hold or drink from a cup necessitates the use of a straw, and people with sensitive teeth also find it more comfortable to drink through a straw.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to enjoy an ice-cold mojito through a straw, without accidentally eating the mint leaves. Whilst paper straws are more sustainable than plastic, they often disintegrate faster than you can drink, leaving you with a soggy mess and a less enjoyable taste in your mouth.

Some people have raised concerns about cleaning the straws, but at Lund London we don’t just engineer our products to be incredibly stylish, we also want them to be fully functional and user friendly. The Straw for Life and its case are both dishwasher safe, and the base of the case unscrews to allow it to dry quickly. Being made from high grade Stainless-Steel, they naturally contain no BPA (unlike plastic straws) and aren’t going to get clogged up like some silicone based straws.

It’s now become the norm to carry around your re-usable water bottle and re-usable shopping bag, and we believe it will soon become the norm to carry around your straw. Luckily ours measures in at a compact 11.5×1.5cm and weighs just 60g, so it will fit comfortably in your pocket or your bag.

Retailing at just £15/€18/$18, your Straw for Life is less than the cost of a haircut and will last you a lifetime. Click here to buy your favourite colour and start saving the world, one drink at a time.

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