Little Lund Lunch Box Care Instructions


We recommend that you clean your Little Lund lunch box regularly.

Your lunch box has passed testing by a third party test house for safety in the dishwasher but we recommend handwashing in gentle detergent to keep it looking newer for longer.  

Avoid keeping your lunch box in water for long periods of time. 

After washing your lunch box ensure all parts are fully dry before replacing the lid. Do not store the lunch box away for any period of time unless it is fully dry.    

Do’s and Don’ts

✓ Wash your lunch box before first use. 

✓ Your lunch box is BPA, PVC & Phthalates Free

✓ Ensure the lid is fully secured on all edges once filled

X  Don’t tip your lunch box upside down or on its side once filled. 

X  Your Little Lund lunch box is not Microwave Safe. However the silicone compartments can be removed and microwaved separately

X  Your lunch box is not intended for long term food or liquid storage

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